KitaSan Coin --

"KitaSan" is a genuine human resource capitalist. "KitaSan Coin" is collaborative coin for the aim of human resource investments and for connecting people through open networkings

  1. Platform: Waves
  2. Issue Date: 11/Jan/2020
  3. Issuable: 10,500,000,000 Coins (Not ReIssuable)
  4. Contract ID: 9GXcKkZe3NCC58FD95o7F2NdjXk4HZ4mXLSG9JfnPiwh
  5. Trade URL (online): (You can download iOS App / Android App / Windows Application etc. -- Visit HERE for more details)
  6. Target Price: 0.5 JPY/coin or above
  7. Miscs
(Under Construction for Review)