KitaSan Coin --

"KitaSan" is a genuine human resource capitalist. "KitaSan Coin" is collaborative coin for the aim of human resource investments and for connecting people through open networking

"KitaSan" had supported over 1,800 creators (total 999,000 USD equivalent as of Mar. 2021) in these three years, and is trying to expand them more.

  1. Platform: Waves
  2. Issue Date: 11/Jan/2020
  3. Issuable: 10,500,000,000 Coins (Not ReIssuable)
  4. KitaSan Coin is one of the "sponsored asset"s. KitaSan loves sponsorship, and once individual sponsor of some OpenSource projects. You can use "222,222 KitaSan" per one transaction
  5. Contract ID: 9GXcKkZe3NCC58FD95o7F2NdjXk4HZ4mXLSG9JfnPiwh
  6. Faucet: H2OX -- Claim 200 KitaSan every 72 hours!!
  7. Trade URL (online): (You can download iOS App / Android App / Windows Application etc. -- Visit HERE for more details)
  8. Target Price: 0.5 JPY/coin or above (gold peg)
  9. Miscs
(Under Construction for Review)